Joseph Parker vs Derek Chisora 2

Parker V Chisora Rematch “We are going to war”

Derek Chisora is fired up for his rematch against former WBO world heavyweight champion Joseph Parker on December 18th in Manchester.

The two men went head-to-head last May in a fight which saw Parker triumph via a split decision on the judges’ scorecards.

In a press conference Tuesday to formally announce the fight, Chisora continued to show frustration towards the result from that night in early May.

“I’m going to speak to my management team at 258 that we get an American referee and good judges for this fight because so many times I’ve been robbed, in Helsinki, the first one here with Dillian – it gets a bit frustrating,” Chisora said.

“I’m not buzzing yet, but I want to say this honestly to the press and to you Eddie, I need you to get a good referee, an American referee, not a BBBofC referee because those guys in the past have messed me around. If Robert Smith is listening, I do not want your referee to ref me for this fight.

“I know for a fact come 18 December; we are going to war. Joseph Parker doesn’t scare me; he hasn’t got anything that I’m scared of.”

Parker, on the other hand, believes a longer training camp with trainer Andy Lee should result in some huge improvements and a more conclusive result.

“We didn’t have the longest camp last time but we’ve had a longer camp this time so there are no excuses,” Parked stated.

“Derek is one tough guy, he comes forward and puts on the pressure, like he said bite the gumshield and throw the kitchen sink, that’s exactly what he did and what he’s going to do for the next fight.

“I feel like this fight is going to different, I’ve had a lot more time to work on things that Andy has suggested I work on and now that I’m here with him in camp my confidence is growing every day seeing the improvements.”

The New Zealander is also hoping a win against the veteran Chisora will be the start of a journey towards winning heavyweight gold once again.

“That’s my goal, to become two-time world champion, I’m well positioned at the moment with the rankings but with COVID its hard lock in fights so thanks to everyone for getting this made and Chisora for accepting it again.

“I feel like I’ll finish this fight within the distance, I’ve got a good feeling.”

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